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B.I.G. top PVP team

Following tonight's win vs ROA, the warriors of the old gods - BIG are top of the league.
Slava Perunu !

B.I.G. launch retaliatory attack vs Minutemen

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On the 20th Jan 3302 a surprise covert attack was launched on Rudjer Boskovic system by commanders loyal to Felicia Winters despite the ongoing cease-fire agreement. In response B.I.G. Council has sent vast coalition military force to system L 190-21 which has offered shelter to the criminals responsible for the attack.

B.I.G. Ambassador said: “Attack is the best defence. Our guerilla resistance fighters will hit the enemy on multiple fronts including L 190-21. Operations will continue indefinitely or until such time when the Minutemen renounce the criminals within their ranks and initiate negotiations”

Retaliatory attack @ Minutman crew

Minutemen Cmdr fleeing for safety while BIG decimate security forces around "La Cucaracha" station

BIG answers the call from Emperor's Grace

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This morning BIG receveid an urgent transmission from our allies Emperor's Grace requesting our assistance in KHERTHAJE system. Within 12 hours we deployed a rapid response task force of 2 wings and chrushed the Winter's expansion attempt before it even began. This sends a strong message to Felicia Winters that any attempt on our allies home turf will not be tolerated and will be crushed instantly.

BIG forces outside Herreshoff Prospect - job done