Breaking news - GNN - 20015-002

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Cmdr Omega Fighter and Cmdr mmike action in Rhea attracts media attention.

B.I.G. commanders continue to take the fight to Federation core systems. Cmdr Omega Fighter has succesfully infiltrated Rhea system and has caused much damage over the past 3 months against superior enemy forces. His daring hit & run guerilla tactics have put fear into the hearts of Felatia Winters supporters and have disrupted their shipping and combat readiness.

BIG have supposedly received information from Imperial intelligence contacts that a T9 freighter was on a mission to deliver top secret federal data to Carter Port in Rhea. Anonymous sources claim that field operatives Cmdr Omega Fighter and Cmdr mmike were given the mission of intercepting and destroying this valuable target at any cost. After a 30 minute chase in Rhea and a number of difficult interdictions and escapes they intercepted the federal T9 close to Carter Port. In an audacious attempt, they managed to survive station and enemy fire and destroy the target at the station's mail-slot. The bravery and tenacity shown by BIG's Cmdr's have confirmed that BIG will always complete their contracts regardless of the risks.

This action is likely to spark further debate on the speculation that BIG act as "foreign legionnaires" for the Empire.

The federal media outlet Rhea News Network have covered this latest action by Cmdr mmike & Omega Fighter in detail (as most federal propaganda it should be taken with a pinch of salt).