B.I.G. Announce general mobilization

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UniverseIsBIGFollowing the destruction of a Federal T9 (rumoured to have carried top-secret Federal data) at Carter Port, Rhea on October 15 3301 there has been heightened tension between B.I.G.-Balkan Intergalactic Guerilla and Winters Wolves. BIG Ambassador's attempts to reach a diplomatic solution have been disregarded. Since then an increased number of Felicia Winters pilots have been covertly undermining Rudjer Boskovic system. In response to this act of aggression BIG leadership has announced general mobilization of all armed forces and able bodied pilots on 26th October 3301. Following a final inspection on 27th October BIG military command have confirmed that the force is at high combat readiness and ready for immediate deployment. They refused to comment on operational details, but it seems that further escalation of conflict is inevitable.